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Design Information

How long does a fit out take?
This varies depending on the size of the office space, a fit out for a space of about 1000 sq ft will take at least a month and 5000 sq ft will take at least 6 to 8 weeks.

How much is the average fit out cost for an office space?
In general, the price per sq ft will cost anything from RM80 psf to RM150 psf depending on the quality of finishings.

What is the cost of hiring an Interior Designer or Architect?
The consultant fee varies at about 10% of project cost

How do we determine the size required for our company?

  • First determine the number of staff in your new setup
  • Based on their job function provide a space allocation for each person, as a general guide
  • 200 sq ft for the CEO
  • 100-150 sq ft for managers
  • 50-80 sq ft for each staff
  • The, decide on the facilities you would like to include eg. Conference room, reception, store, utilities room and allocate the space accordingly